Man accused of dealing in fake timeshares

Fraud charges have been filed against a man accused of dealing in fake timeshares.

State agents allege Mark David Richmond duped people into giving him money, to sell their timeshares.

Richmond has been charged with defrauding people out of several hundred thousand dollars.

Richmond appeared in court on 208 counts of grand theft and fraud, so many counts, the Judge, at one point, couldn’t figure out the bond amount and had to ask for a calculator.

In the end, the judge settled on $66,600.

Investigators said Richmond used a UPS store on International Drive like it was an office, telling alleged victims to send him money there.

According to investigators with the Florida Department of Agriculture (division of consumer services), the “timeshare resale fraud scheme” had at least 68 individual victims suffer losses of more than $258,291 under names like “Continental Resorts Unlimited” and “Ultimate Finance or Financing.”

Agents said Richmond would claim to have buyers’ timeshares and solicit upfront payments.

Richmond allegedly pocketed the cash and sold nothing.

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